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Venison Medallions on Cranberry-Orange Polenta Diamonds reviewed by kaye16

26th December 2017

Xmas dinner 2010. Delicious.
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Duck Breasts with Port Sauce reviewed by kaye16

26th December 2017

This was our xmas dinner in 1998! It was excellent. Beautiful duck breasts, soft polenta with a delicious sauce of mushrooms (dried porcini and regular).
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Bricked Game Hens with Savoy Cabbage on Polenta Croûtes reviewed by kaye16

25th December 2017

Really a nice dish. It's the whole main course, you don't need anything with it. The birds have a mixture of prosciutto and rosemary rubbed under the skin. They're then cooked "bricked", weight down by a heavy skillet. I cooked mine under a cast iron...
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