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My Bread: The Revolutionary No-Work, No-Knead Method

Recent Reviews

Olive Bread reviewed by Kestrel

15th September 2014

A good way to make olive bread. Can use less expensive olives with good results.
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Basic Pizza Dough reviewed by sturlington

6th April 2012

My favorite pizza dough recipe.
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Frittata Patate reviewed by sturlington

9th November 2011

A basic frittata, with very thin pan-fried potatoes. I usually start my frittatas on the stove top and then finish them in the oven, rather than cooking them entirely in the oven, as suggested here.
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Pizza Pomodoro reviewed by sturlington

9th April 2011

This was a nice, light sauce that I think is a good match for homemade pizza crust. I just had to add some cheese, though (fresh mozzarella).
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