Schnelle Gerichte
Parragon Publishing - 2004
ISBN: 140542138x

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Schnelle Gerichte

Recent Reviews

Pasta with Cream and Pumpkin / Penne mit Sahnekürbis reviewed by friederike

18th October 2013

Delicious, and very good comfort food, but you will need quite a few pots and pans: one for the onions, one for the pumpkin, one for the bread crumbs and one for the pasta. I would suggest cooking the penne until nearly al dente and reduce the time the...
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Chicken with Garlic and Herbs / Knoblauch-Kräuter-Huhn reviewed by friederike

20th July 2011

A few things were left unclear or went severly wrong with this dish. Yet, it was very delicious and full of flavour, and just seems to need a few tweaks to produce something very delicious. The main issue was that there was too little liquid, and although...
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Avocado Mint Soup / Avocado-Minze-Suppe reviewed by friederike

27th January 2011

Quite a disaster. However, I must admit that maybe (just maybe) the problem was that the avocado wasn't ripe enough...
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Tagliatelle with Pumpkin and Parma Ham / Tagliatelle mit Kürbis reviewed by friederike

27th January 2011

I quite enjoyed this. I’m always on the lookout for new recipes with pumpkin, and this was quite an nice one. You'll get the sweetness of the pumpkin, the softness of pasta, the saltiness and crunch of parma ham - an excellent combination!
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