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Cast Iron Crisp Roast Butterflied Chicken with Rosemary and Garlic reviewed by hipcook

25th May 2020

Certainly the most Instagram-worthy chicken I've ever made; this was a pretty dish. And darn easy to boot. Instead of tenting the bird, I just put the lid on my cast iron; I think that was a bad choice because the skin, while well browned, wasn't particularly...
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Pan seared salmon reviewed by Kestrel

17th April 2018

This recipe was featured on a recent program and involves brining salmon fillets for 15 minutes and then starting them in a cold pan with salt and pepper on the bottom. I had bought some not so great salmon and decided to give this method a try. It really...
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One hour broiled chicken and pan sauce reviewed by Kestrel

15th March 2018

This was on the program recently so I thought I would give it a try. A 3-4 lb chicken is butterflied and then placed in a hot pan and broiled. My chicken was almost 4 lbs so I went with the slightly longer cooking time. Even so, my chicken wasn't completely...
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Sausage Meatballs and Spaghetti reviewed by hipcook

2nd October 2016

Terrific meatballs. I'll definitely be using the technique of mixing panade with meat in the food processor, not by hand. These seemed to pay off my labor better than other meatball recipes I've tried. (The recipe also makes enough meatballs that I can...
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