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Desperation Dinners

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Spanakopita in Pastry Cups reviewed by kaye16

12th September 2017

- I made a half recipe for two; this would easily have served three, making the recommended servings correct. - I did not use the optional cooked chicken or turkey; this would have stretched it further. - I had no pastry cups, but did have phyllo needing...
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Mahi Mahi with Curry-Yogurt Mayonnaise reviewed by kaye16

12th April 2017

Really easy and pretty good. - I used tuna instead of mahi mahi, which I've never seen on sale. - Doubled the amount of curry in the mayo mixture. - Baked 10min, which was shorter than asked, but still way too long. Maybe my tuna was thinner than mahi...
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Greek Pasta reviewed by kaye16

17th November 2016

Pretty good stuff as I made it... - The recipe says it serves four. Two of us ate more-or-less the whole thing; might have served three with a salad. - I had 300g (rather than 1#/454g) of scallops, the kind with the orange bit still attached. - I used...
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Garlic-Roasted Salmon reviewed by kaye16

5th October 2016

This is really good for little effort. - I "minced" both garlic and ginger by grating on my microplane. - I sprayed my salmon bits with olive oil, rubbed on the garlic-ginger mixture, and cooked under my gas broiler, rather than in a 500F oven. Very nice...
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