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Desperation Dinners

Recent Reviews

Fish in a Boat, Asian Style reviewed by kaye16

29th August 2019

This was easy to prepare. The sauce was tasty, but seemed to be lost in the cooking. It was ok, but not as good as I'd expected.
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Garlicky Green Beans reviewed by kaye16

29th August 2019

Very good and easy way to do green beans. If everything's ready (green beans prepared and garlic chopped), this can be easily finished with minimal attention. Needed a bit longer to get to "done" as DH likes them.
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Spanakopita in Pastry Cups reviewed by kaye16

12th September 2017

- I made a half recipe for two; this would easily have served three, making the recommended servings correct. - I did not use the optional cooked chicken or turkey; this would have stretched it further. - I had no pastry cups, but did have phyllo needing...
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Mahi Mahi with Curry-Yogurt Mayonnaise reviewed by kaye16

12th April 2017

Really easy and pretty good. - I used tuna instead of mahi mahi, which I've never seen on sale. - Doubled the amount of curry in the mayo mixture. - Baked 10min, which was shorter than asked, but still way too long. Maybe my tuna was thinner than mahi...
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