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Bread Machine Baker

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English Muffin Bread reviewed by kaye16

13th August 2020

This is delicious bread, unortunately just a 2# loaf. The recipe calls for 1cup less 1tbl water. This resulted in a sunken loaf. Next time around I used only 7/8cup (1cup less 2tbl) water. This was fine. Nice texture, nice taste. One of the better crusts...
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Prune Bread reviewed by kaye16

28th March 2020

A really nice fruit bread, good texture, moist It's small (1#) because all the loaves in this book are. 28mar20:Rapid/Small/Dark
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Bran Bread reviewed by kaye16

24th March 2011

This is our favorite machine-made brown bread right now. It had a nice dense texture and tastes good! I found 1 tbl of sugar a bit too little and use 1-1/2 tbl now.
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