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101 One-pot Dishes: Tried-and-tested Recipes (Good Food 101)

Recent Reviews

20-minute seafood pasta reviewed by redjanet

4th October 2011

This wasn't so great. It tasted nice enough, but it was kind of a pain in the neck to eat. I thought it was pretty clever breaking up the spaghetti so it could be cooked in and at the same time as the sauce, but as my husband and I discovered, when spaghetti...
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Cheesy fish grills reviewed by redjanet

4th September 2011

This was a simple enough recipe to put together quickly on a weeknight. I thought the combination of cheese and ham on fish might be a bit weird, though it tasted okay, especially with the fresh green spring onions on top.
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Chicken and spring vegetable stew reviewed by redjanet

4th September 2011

A simple chicken stew that can be put together fairly quickly. The recipe specified skin on chicken breasts, though I used skinless, and I also used frozen mixed vegetables instead of fresh. I don't think either changes would have made much difference....
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Chicken biryani reviewed by redjanet

21st August 2011

I don't think I'll never want to get another Indian take-away again after making this recipe, as the book suggested, but it certainly was a very solid, easy recipe to make that I enjoyed eating. I used a mild curry powder as I don't like my food too spicy...
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