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Slow Cooker Ready & Waiting: 160 Sumptuous Meals That Cook Themselves

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Belgian Beer and Onion Pot Roast 1
Lamb Vindaloo 1
Pork and Sausage Cazuela 1
French Bean, Cabbage, and Pork Soup 1

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Pork and Sausage Cazuela reviewed by kaye16

13th December 2015

Good enough, nothing special. A lot of prep before putting stuff in the crock, which is not really a problem if the results justify it. But this recipe also wants cooking after the crock, a lot of it fairly pointless. Instead of browning flour, etc.,...
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French Bean, Cabbage, and Pork Soup reviewed by innocentfront

17th August 2013

Belgian Beer and Onion Pot Roast reviewed by innocentfront

13th July 2013

Lamb Vindaloo reviewed by kaye16

2nd November 2011

I've made this with pork and with lamb. It's not bad for a slow cooker version, very simple to assemble. - I found 1 cup water much too much to add. Probably only 1/2 cup would be sufficient. - Second time I toasted and ground coriander and cumin seeds,...
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