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Crazy Water Pickled Lemons: Enchanting Dishes from the Middle East, Mediterranean and North Africa

Recent Reviews

Salad of Middle Eastern Grilled Chicken, Bulgur and Pomegranate reviewed by friederike

27th August 2014

Quite nice, but for some reason I would have expected a salad to contain at least some vegetable. To be honest, I hadn't even realized that the salad lacked veggies until I was about to serve it. Unfortunately we had run out of harissa, so I was able...
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Pearl Divers' Rice reviewed by friederike

9th April 2014

This could have been 5 stars - but as is, it only merits 1. Weird, huh? I had a hunch that it would go wrong - I read the recipe at least 5 times to be sure that I didn't miss a line anywhere saying 'add some water'. Unfortunately, though, water was...
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Lavender, Orange and Almond Cake reviewed by friederike

7th March 2014

In the beginning I simply thought the cake had turned out okay and it was just not to my liking - even though I had only used very little orange juice, it already seemed to be way too much, and it needed a lot longer in the oven than expected (70 min...
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Cardamom-baked Figs and Plums with Burnt Honey and Yoghurt Pannacotta reviewed by friederike

25th July 2012

It was hard to review this dish. I didn't have the impression that something had been done with the plums and the figs, that something had been added - until I came to that one plum that tasted of nothing but lemon (lime) zest. When I asked DH what he...
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