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Mediterranean Seafood: A Comprehensive Guide with Recipes

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Linguine alle Cozze in Bianco reviewed by friederike

22nd March 2011

This was a really nice dish, only that it was too salty. DB had put the mussels in a bowl of salt water before they were cooked, as instructed, and this was all the salt added - use normal tap water instead! Mussels are salty enough by themselves. However,...
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Aigo-Sau reviewed by friederike

22nd May 2010

A very delicious soup, very easy to prepare (just place all ingedients in a pan with boiling water and cook 'till done) and, added bonus for anyone who hasn't got the time to go to a fishmonger: you won't need any special ingredients either. It was very...
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Rouille reviewed by friederike

22nd May 2010

I'm not sure whether this is really what a Rouille is supposed to be. Alan Davidson is quite an advanced cook and expects his readers to be one too. He said nothing whatsoever of roasting and peeling the red peppers, so I didn't do it, nor did he mention...
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