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Grown in Britain Cookbook

Recent Reviews

Winter Cabbage Salad reviewed by friederike

4th March 2013

Quite a nice salad. It's nice in flavour and looks very beautiful with the purple colour from the cabbage. The only problem is that even though I had chopped the cabbage as fine as I could, it was still pretty hard to chew. Also, it's clearly meant to...
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Asparagus Cream Cheese Quiche reviewed by friederike

5th May 2010

Hmm, not really. With only 175g flour to 90g butter/lard, the pastry was too dry (again! Although it wasn't quite the disaster this shortcrust pastry was), and the filling was clearly too heavy and too cheesy/salty to let the asparagus unfold its flavour....
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Salmon Chowder with Whisky reviewed by friederike

10th April 2010

Excellent soup, can be served as a starter for a formal dinner, although I liked the taste better when we started eating than in the end. But may be that was because I thought too favourably of it then. Don't use all the liquid, our soup turned out...
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Tomato and Onion Tart reviewed by friederike

31st January 2010

Meh. The pastry crumbled into pieces (and what luck that we had plates, originally we had planned it as an on-the-road-dinner!), and it tasted really really strange. I didn’t like the taste of the texture, if you understand what I mean (a crumbled tart...
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