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Hugh's Three Good Things

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Pasta, sausage, cabbage reviewed by bunyip

17th November 2012

Easy and quick. While frying the sausages cook the pasta. Add the shredded cabbage to the pasta pot for the final three minutes. Cut the snags into bite sized chunks, fry some more to crisp up, then combine the lot and season to taste. Hardly qualifies...
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Pasta, courgettes, mozzarella reviewed by bunyip

15th November 2012

I had some zucchini and a buffalo mozzarella ball that needed to be used. It's not exactly quick, the zucchini really does take about half an hour to get satisfactorily mushy. Saved bother by using garlic infused EVO. He's right, it's comfort food.
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Beans, Bacon and Tomato reviewed by bunyip

22nd September 2012

This is a version of baked beans, only it's simmered on the stove. If you choose the tinned beans option as I did, it's ready in less than an hour! The flavour is quite different from what I'm used to (being Stephanie's recipe). There is a sweetness...
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