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Smoke and Pickles: Recipes and Stories from a New Southern Kitchen

Recent Reviews

Burbon-and-Coke Meatloaf Sandwich with Fried Egg and Black Pepper Gravy reviewed by southerncooker

30th March 2014

While I was the only one in the family who ate this meatloaf as intended with all the components in a sandwich, son-in-law said the meatloaf was delicious and hubby said he didn't like it at all. I enjoyed it both as written in the recipe and alone as...
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Collards and Kimchi reviewed by southerncooker

30th March 2014

I got rave reviews from my family on this one. We all love Kimchi except for my son in law. I used store bought spicy kimchi and bacon fat instead of lard since I was out of lard. Loved the country ham in this one and the onions. All the components made...
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Blue Cheese Dressing reviewed by jenncc

20th January 2014

Basic blue cheese dressing. I used this for my wedge salad. It did not call for mayo, was simple and did the job. Is it the best b.c.d. ever? No, but it was good and along some crumbled bacon "dressed" my wedge adequately. This recipe is specifically...
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