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Red Lentil and Cauliflower Tomato Pulao reviewed by kaye16

19th April 2016

Very tasty. We really enjoyed this. It's easy to assemble, and except for the cauliflower, it's stuff I mostly have on hand. With red lentils, rice, cauliflower, and peas, it's a pretty complete meal. The lemon juice at the end brightens the taste. Serves...
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Spicy Tamarind and Channa Risotto Kitcheree reviewed by kaye16

1st February 2015

Pretty good. A bit monochrome in color; adding some green peas for color at the end, might be nice. I made a half recipe as dinner for two. It was fine, but not generous, so I think only 4 for the whole recipe is reasonable. Six would work only as side...
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Crusted Cornmeal Chickpea Potpie reviewed by kaye16

5th October 2014

An interesting idea that didn't quite work for me, but might be worth tinkering with. - It was advertised as serving 4-6, so I halved it for two. Well, I halved the big ingredients, but kept the spices for the whole amount. This was fine. But the servings...
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Pasta and Goat Cheese Casserole with Black Olives reviewed by kaye16

4th September 2014

Very interesting and tasty pasta casserole. - I made a 1/3 recipe (which serves 6-8) for two. It was plenty, - I soaked my oven-dried (rather than sun-dried) tomatoes as instructed, but this isn't necessary. Next time I'll just slice them and add with...
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