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30 Minute Indian: Cook Modern Indian Recipes in 30 Minutes or Less. (30 Minute Cooking)

Recent Reviews

Ginger Chicken reviewed by kaye16

23rd December 2020

Half recipe for two, although I'm fairly sure the two of us could have eaten a whole recipe. It was delicious. At the end of cooking, I thought it was a bit soupy still so I stirred in a bit of potato flour mixed with water. Zap, it was perfect. A...
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Lamb Kebabs reviewed by kaye16

29th July 2016

Good stuff. I did mince the garlic cloves, rather than crush them. Rather than baking meatballs, I made patties and we bbq'd them.
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Tomato Fish Curry reviewed by kaye16

28th July 2016

Easy and tasty.
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Bombay Chicken Masala reviewed by kaye16

28th July 2016

Good stuff. Easy.
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