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The Gift of Southern Cooking: Recipes and Revelations from Two Great American Cooks

Recent Reviews

Buttermilk Pancakes reviewed by hipcook

5th October 2022

"Effortless" is right; simple to prepare and delicious. It feels like there's more butter in this recipe than I'm used to - and as the nursery rhyme says, "butter makes the batter better."
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Braised Pork Chops with Cranberies reviewed by hipcook

6th March 2017

The recipe as written looks like a cool way to whip up just enough cranberry sauce to coat a couple of pork chops. However, my wife believes in making always making enough cranberry sauce to put some up, so I cheated and used sauce we already had on hand...
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Old Fashioned Creamy Grits reviewed by southerncooker

28th June 2010

I decided to use this recipe on some stone ground grits my son bought for me. I've made grits for years but never with both milk and water as called for in this recipe. My husband says they're the best he's ever had and he loves grits. I added some habanero...
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Southern Pan Fried Chicken reviewed by southerncooker

3rd January 2010

This is a delicious fried chicken but not for the faint of heart as it is fried in a combination of lard and butter with some ham bits. Not something I'd recommend for everyday but great as a special occasion meal.
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