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Ich helf dir kochen: das erfolgreiche Universalkochbuch mit großem Backteil

Recent Reviews

Bouillabaisse reviewed by friederike

8th December 2016

Very delicious, and unlike most recipes I've seen, not that labourious. The only thing that always remains tricky is not to overcook the fish. 6 servings instead of 4.
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Sour Cream and Yoghurt Dressing / Rahm-Joghurt-Dressing reviewed by friederike

29th July 2016

Very nice dressing that goes well with butterhead lettuce. The only caveat is that it produces a lot of dressing, and you won't need that much, unless you like to drown your salad in dressing - I think that for one head of lettuce we used about half the...
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Chocolate Sauce / Schokoladensauce reviewed by friederike

25th December 2014

My god, the first real fail in this book! The chocolate sauce ended up being a kind of very thin soup, similar to a cheap hot chocolate (cheap because made with mainly water). We saved it by boiling it for quite a while until it had received the consistency...
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Chicken Broth / Hühnerbrühe reviewed by friederike

1st September 2014

Hard to believe I've never really reviewed this recipe, as I use it all the time. To be honest, it really just gives you a basic idea of what you need to know, but then again, making broth is no wizardry, and this recipe gives you all the knowledge you...
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