By Diana Henry
Mitchell Beazley - 2016
ISBN: 1784722049

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Recent Reviews

Raspberry Yogurt Cake reviewed by southerncooker

20th May 2017

While this was very good I did have some problems with the recipe. Had to cook much longer than stated. The batter was super thick and was hard to get in two thick enough layers to put filling between.
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Goat Cheese & Roast Grape Tartine reviewed by southerncooker

1st May 2017

My daughter and I fell in love with this recipe. I loved the flavors of goat cheese, black pepper, roasted grapes and olive oil on toasted sourdough bread.
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New York Take-Out Noodles with Cucumbers reviewed by southerncooker

29th April 2017

Delicious, even hubby thought so. I made a half recipe for him and I. I didn't put the cilantro and chopped roasted peanuts on his. He hates cilantro and has a hard time eating nuts. I did add the radishes to the cucumber for the topping. For the hot...
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Leek & Feta Omelet with Sumac reviewed by southerncooker

27th April 2017

I made a half recipe for my breakfast one morning and it was delicious. I didn't have the optional sumac. This was delicious. Loved the leeks and feta together in the eggs.
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