By Diana Henry
Mitchell Beazley - 2016
ISBN: 1784722049

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Recent Reviews

New York Take-Out Noodles with Cucumbers reviewed by southerncooker

29th April 2017

Delicious, even hubby thought so. I made a half recipe for him and I. I didn't put the cilantro and chopped roasted peanuts on his. He hates cilantro and has a hard time eating nuts. I did add the radishes to the cucumber for the topping. For the hot...
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Leek & Feta Omelet with Sumac reviewed by southerncooker

27th April 2017

I made a half recipe for my breakfast one morning and it was delicious. I didn't have the optional sumac. This was delicious. Loved the leeks and feta together in the eggs.
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Tomatoes, Potatoes & Vermouth with Basil Creme Fraiche reviewed by southerncooker

25th April 2017

My daughter fell in love with this potato dish and the rest of us enjoyed it as well. I think I'll be making both of these recipes again and again. I couldn't find Creme Fraiche so I used sour cream instead.
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Chicken Piccata reviewed by southerncooker

25th April 2017

All the chicken eaters in my family loved the Chicken dish. I used boneless thighs. Loved that this recipe calls for Vermouth. I bought a bottle for another recipe in the book and have almost used the whole bottle since several other recipes in the book...
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