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The Bob's Burgers Burger Book: Real Recipes for Joke Burgers

Recent Reviews

Sit and Spinach Burger reviewed by hipcook

1st March 2019

Nice enough burger. (I used arugula instead of spinach, which was fine.) The instruction to reduce the lemon juice and red wine vinegar with the burgers is odd; it keeps the burgers from browning and the sauce gets lost. I wonder if it wouldn't be better...
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Chile Relleno - You - Didn't Burger reviewed by hipcook

8th September 2018

I want to like the idea of this burger. But the directions for making chile rellenos were entirely too vague for me to follow successfully. They were greasy, the cheese leaked, it was a mess. Maybe if I learn to make a chile relleno first I'll come back...
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We're Here, We're Gruyere, Get Used To It burger reviewed by hipcook

21st July 2018

These were fantastic burgers. The shredded gruyere and caramelized onions made a fantastic rich creamy topping. Flavoring burgers with onion soup mix is kind of a throwback... but honestly, it still works.
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If Looks Could Kale Burger reviewed by hipcook

18th July 2018

For some reason, I didn't love these kale chips. They were crispy but maybe a little too much so; seemed a little grainy as they broke up in my mouth. (Maybe early season kale is different than late season kale?) That said, they did add a nice crunchy...
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