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Zingerman's Bakehouse

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Ginger Jump Ups Cookies reviewed by jenncc

5th December 2021

Flavor was terrific - nice and spicy. The texture however was a little cake-y for me. I was hoping they would fall somewhere between where they did (Puffy and cake like) and Dorie's Princeton Gingersnaps (very chewy and flat). I may play with the butter/flour...
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Our French Baguette reviewed by jenncc

8th November 2020

These were by far the most successful baguettes I have made, and in fact better than many I have had from bakeries. Great open crumb, crispy crust and perfect chew. I do wish there were photos of the techniques they use for folding and especially for...
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Big O / Oatmeal Cookies reviewed by jenncc

19th March 2020

This is a great oatmeal cookie! I did add about 1/2 cup of walnuts. The maple syrup is what I think gives this a special flavor, as well as the addition of nutmeg. I made these large (about 3 T.) as directed and they were soft on the inside with crisp...
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Detroit-Style Pizza reviewed by jenncc

2nd August 2018

This comes together quickly (verses other pizza recipes I have made). Technique is very good - I achieved the crispy edges and bottom with additional 7-8 minutes in the oven (directly on rack). However the flavor of the dough is well, just bread. What...
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