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Modern Cookery for Private Families

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Yorkshire Ploughman's Salad reviewed by Sovay

5th June 2019

I tried this out of curiosity - it's lettuce and a little onion dressed with black treacle, vinegar and pepper - but although it wouldn't go with everything it's actually pretty good as an accompaniment to a couple of slices of ham and some potato salad.
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White Cucumber Sauce reviewed by Sovay

5th June 2019

Disappointing -looked nice but tasted very little of cucumber since most of the flavour is in the skin, which is not used in this recipe. Mine tasted mainly of vegetable stock, and I suspect the original tasted mainly of the "pale veal gravy" for which...
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Salmon Pudding reviewed by Sovay

5th June 2019

A kind of timbale, I suppose - salmon, egg, a little cream and quite a lot of breadcrumbs, in spite of which the flavour was good. It also looked good when turned out of its basin, though it would probably be prettier with white breadcrumbs rather than...
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