Reza's Indian Spice
By Reza Mahammad
Quadrille Publishing - 2012
ISBN: 9781849491419

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Reza's Indian Spice

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Saffron-Roasted Cauliflower 1
Black Pepper Chicken 1

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Recent Reviews

Saffron-Roasted Cauliflower reviewed by kaye16

16th March 2020

Oops, I forgot the saffron. Still, it was good stuff, even if my raisins never did puff up.
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Black Pepper Chicken reviewed by kaye16

16th March 2020

I made a halfish recipe of this. It was tasty, but the recipe seems very badly written/edited. - Should cardamon seeds be measured/ground with the pods or extracted from the pods? (I put in four pods and ground them all.) - Ground cinnamon is included...
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