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Betty Crocker

number 104 - May, 1995

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Savory Lentils (Dal) 1
Microwave Couscous with Spinach 1

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Savory Lentils (Dal) reviewed by tignor

7th October 2020

Pretty good, nice recipe to have the ingredients in reserve. Served with basmati rice and naan. Could be a little spicier, but I pretty much guess they didn't want to "overdo" the spice in a Betty Crocker magazine for American tastes. Will make again.
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Microwave Couscous with Spinach reviewed by tignor

14th September 2020

Had to choke this down and force myself to eat it all - it made SO much (and I used Pearl couscous, so maybe that was the culprit). Not very flavorful, either.
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