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Website: Sugar Spun Run

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Ding Dong Cake reviewed by jenncc

18th June 2024

This was the second or third Ding Dong Cake I have made. I love the I Am Baker recipe but was curious as to what a little brown sugar, an extra egg yolk and some melted butter would bring. I have to say I thought the flavor was great, maybe even better....
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Stabilized Whipped Cream Frosting reviewed by jenncc

29th December 2021

Light, fluffy and not too sweet! This was perfect for icing 2 8 inch cake layers. I added lemon curd to the whipped cream just before adding the gelatin to make a lemon cream frosting, and it was great.
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Ermine frosting reviewed by jenncc

6th November 2021

This was a very thorough recipe complete with troubleshooting tips. I really liked the final product but it wasn't quite as glossy and airy as ermine frosting I have made in the past - could have been because I used a combination of milk and coconut...
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