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The 20-minute Cookbook: 200 Fuss Free Recipes - Quick and Easy Cooking for Every Kind of Occasion, with Over 800 Photographs and Step by Step Instructions to Guarantee Success

Recent Reviews

Stir-fried chicken with Thai basil reviewed by redjanet

16th January 2013

This was edible but kind of boring. I did have Thai basil in the house, but unfortunately it had gone off by the time I was ready to make this recipe. To be honest, I'm kind of glad it did, otherwise I wouldn't have added the dried mixed herbs that I...
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Chicken with lemon and garlic reviewed by redjanet

6th June 2011

Though my OH didn't like this because he thought the lemon juice added at the end made it too sour, I thought this had a nice fresh taste. The garlic, shallot and parsley gave it more flavour and texture and stir-frying the thinly cut strips of chicken...
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Duck and sesame stiry-fry reviewed by redjanet

2nd June 2011

This was okay, but not terribly exciting. What with there being garlic, sesame oil, fish oil, a pinch of chilli flakes and soy sauce added to the mix, I expected there to be a lot more flavour, but ultimately it was rather bland. The duck was soft and...
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kofta lamb patties reviewed by weaponxgirl

10th March 2010

these were so simple and tastey that ill deffo make these again. I served these with chips, salads and pitta bread. It was like having a homemade takeaway.
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