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Almost Vegetarian: A Primer for Cooks Who Are Eating Vegetarian Most of the Time, Chicken & Fish Some of the Time, & Altogether Well All of the Time

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Aromatic Leek and Potato Soup 1
Cheddar Buttermilk Spoon Bread 1

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Cheddar Buttermilk Spoon Bread reviewed by Catbatty

19th February 2013

Yuck. I found this 'spoon bread' to be nasty. I've never eaten spoon bread, but I can't imagine that is how it is supposed to taste. (The lemon zest is the ingredient that I blame the most.) You break 2 eggs into a bowl, beat them up, add 2 cups buttermilk...
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Aromatic Leek and Potato Soup reviewed by lkloda

4th July 2010

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