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Better homes and gardens homemade cookies cook book

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Recent Reviews

Buttermilk Brownies reviewed by Peckish Sister

27th October 2012

These economical brownies only use cocoa powder, but have very intense chocolate flavor and appetizing dark color. The half a cup of chopped nuts are sprinkled on top of the frosting also made with cocoa powder and buttermilk. The texture of the brownies...
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Chewy Hermit Bars reviewed by Peckish Sister

27th October 2012

So delicious, they are dangerous. This recipe in the book is a little odd as it is Just two paragraphs at the bottom of a page without a separate list of ingredients. I was inspired to try it as these were one of my mother's favorite cookies. These are...
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Molasses Ginger Bars reviewed by Peckish Sister

27th October 2012

We had hoped that these would be similar to the Chewy Hermit Bars, but these were good unremarkable cookies that were eary to whip up with ingredients on hand.
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Tri-Level Brownies reviewed by Peckish Sister

18th September 2012

Economical and restrained brownies, but still very delicious. These are made in an 11 X 7" pan (so smaller than my usual 9 X 13" pan). The first layer is an oatmeal, flour, brown sugar and butter crust. The second layer is walnut brownie, and the third...
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