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Buddhist Peace Recipes (Roli Books)

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Ochre Invocation 1
Anna-Ankurit / Fried Rice with Bean Sprouts 1

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Anna-Ankurit / Fried Rice with Bean Sprouts reviewed by friederike

6th September 2013

Quite nice, though a bit heavy on the ginger. It was pretty similar to this rice salad, and I think I preferred that one, also because it had more ingredients and felt more like a meal on it's own. Also, it's not even a real fried rice - the rice isn't...
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Ochre Invocation reviewed by The Ducks Guts

3rd April 2010

Suprisingly nice soup. Very light and easy to make. Use the vegetable stock recipe in the book if you can, and I substitute fresh ginger for the galangal if there is none of the latter around.
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