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The Thrive Diet

Recent Reviews

Kale Calcium Boost Smoothie reviewed by Jayme

2nd September 2011

Couldn't even choke this down. I was really excited about this smoothie since it was my first ever green smoothie and I feel like that's some sort of vegan rite of passage. It tasted like blended lawn clippings. I tried to salvage it by adding a frozen...
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Mango Lime Hot Pepper Smoothie reviewed by Jayme

2nd September 2011

I forgot the lime when I made this(it was 4:30am), but it was still delicious! As usual, cut the water by about half to make it thicker. I seeded the jalapeno before putting it in and it wasn't spicy at all even though you could tell the jalapeno was...
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Blood Builder Smoothie reviewed by Jayme

2nd September 2011

Much tastier than I thought it was going to be. As with all the smoothies in this book I added about half the water called for. Next time I will probably put more orange in, or use a bigger orange, mine was pretty small and the recipe doesn't specify...
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Creamy Carrot Ginger Soup reviewed by Jayme

1st July 2011

Super bland and unappetizing. We took one bite and it went straight into a pot for some cooking and doctoring. The search for good raw soups continues.
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