100 Grillrezepte
Parragon - 2000
ISBN: 9781407597027

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100 Grillrezepte

Recent Reviews

Exotic Rice Salad / Exotischer Reissalat reviewed by friederike

1st May 2011

A wonderful simple and cheerful side dish! It wasn't particularly exotic in a way - actually I couldn't really place it, with soy sauce and spring onions that seemed to scream 'Chinese', contrasting with the rather Caribbean combination of rice with red...
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Caribbean Fish Skewers / Karibische Fischspieße reviewed by friederike

1st May 2011

Very simple and delicious skewers! The smoked paprika added an extra smokey flavour that complemented the barbecue feel very well. Recommended for family use! We served the Exotic Rice Salad from the same book as a side, and while the salad wasn't particularly...
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Coconut Prawn Skewers / Kokos-Garnelen-Spieße reviewed by friederike

10th April 2011

Really delicious! They were crisp and had this very fine taste of coconut, strong enough to taste it but not too strong to overpower the prawns. Next time however I would marinate them for several hours more to see if the flavours would be even stronger...
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Normandic Skewers / Normannische Spieße reviewed by friederike

15th August 2010

Very delicious, and a great idea for barbecueing. We really enjoyed how the different flavours of apple, pork and sage came together. It had some shortcomings, though; mainly, that the pork wasn't distinct enough and was somewhat overpowered by the cider....
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