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May 26th, 2020

One Horse Open Slaw Burger from The Bob's Burgers Burger Book: Real Recipes for Joke Burgers

Cole slaw as a burger topping was OK. I like mayo on my burgers anyway, so cole slaw isn't much of a jump. Could have used some acidity - something like capers or a pickled jalapenos or a diced pickle... read more >

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The Great Sandwich Book

By Anita Borghese
Rawson Associates Publishers - 1978

19th May 2014

Brandied Lobster Sandwich : page 112

Tomato paste and brandy are added to a bechamel, and then cooked lobster is warmed in it before the mixture is spread on toast, topped with cheese, and broiled. It's a refined sandwich. The grape flavor from the brandy plays nicely with the lobster and tomato, although we did get a couple of boozy bites. It seems like something you might find at a semi-formal New England lunch.

So why only 3 stars? Quality vs. effort. It's not that this is a difficult dish - it's just a bit fiddly, compared with the simplicity of a buttery lobster roll. If I have to do the work of cracking a lobster shell, I probably will pick the easier recipe and enjoy the purity of fewer ingredients instead of the nuances of a bigger sauce.

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2nd April 2012

Chappati : page 25

On the one hand, this technique for home-made flatbread couldn't be easier. On the other hand, it couldn't be more bland. (The ingredients, literally, are flour, water, and a pinch of salt.) I imagine I'll return to this idea, but with an addition of something like minced garlic or scallions in the dough, or a brush of flavored oil at the end.

Cooking notes: either Borghese's idea of "medium" heat is lower than mine, or 2 minutes per side isn't enough time.

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16th September 2016

Monte Cristo Sandwich : page 105

I don't understand why this recipe calls for 3 slices of bread per sandwich. I guess it makes it a little more filling, and you might argue it's a little more refined, but I prefer the more obvious flavors of the 2-slice version. In particular, I think the egg batter gets downplayed when there's an unbattered slice of bread in the middle, and that's a key to a good monte cristo. (I also like a little mustard in the sandwich, though you could always serve that on the side.)

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26th September 2010

Sausage Sandwich with Sauteed Apple Slices : page 108

On the one hand, you've pretty much got the whole recipe right there in the title. It's not like it's groundbreaking cuisine here.

...except when's the last time YOU had sauteed apples on a sausage? Because I don't think I ever have.

(The serving suggestion says to add a scrambled egg for a hearty meal. I might also suggest a glass of red wine and a Lipitor... but again, you're not using a cookbook from 1978 if a strict diet is really your top priority.)

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