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Best Ever Pie Crust reviewed by jenncc

18th November 2023

I never expected this to be "best ever", mostly due to the lack of butter (which IMO gives better flavor to a pie crust). I was short on butter and chose this all shortening crust recipe. It was very soft even after time in the fridge, making it difficult...
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Worlds Best Lasagna reviewed by jenncc

13th November 2023

I have made this with meat, without meat (using mushrooms/veggies), with sausage, without sausage, with spicy sausage instead of sweet, etc.. I have even left out the tomato sauce, just using crushed and paste tomatoes. It really is best as written,...
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Pastry Cream reviewed by jenncc

2nd September 2023

This was simple to make and tasty. I think next time I will probably use a vanilla bean instead and perhaps a tiny pinch of salt. I used the entire amount for a 9 inch fruit tart piled high with berries.
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Crustless Pumpkin Pie reviewed by jenncc

3rd February 2023

I liked this with the following adjustments - added more cinnamon, cloves ginger and nutmeg, decreased sugar to about 3/4 cup using half granulated and half dark brown. I cooked this in individual ramekins for about 45-50 minutes.
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