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February 23rd, 2020

Banana Foster Quinoa Pudding from Patricia's Pickles, Preserves, & Provisions

As a dessert, honestly, I found this disappointing. It's OK, but it tastes too much like someone tried to make it "healthy". The caramel isn't ooey-gooey enough, the custard isn't rich enough, the rum... read more >

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The Cookbook for Kids (Williams-Sonoma): Great Recipes for Kids Who Love to Cook

By Lisa Atwood
Weldon Owen - 2011

10th June 2018

Bacon and Spinach Frittata : page 20

Pretty darn good fritatta, really, especially for a "cooking with kids" book. I did make a half-recipe... except for the bacon, which I left at its normal proportion. (Which might mean this recipe should call for some salt and pepper in its normal proportions.)

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10th June 2018

Berry and Yogurt Parfaits : page 27

It's a yogurt parfait; it's as good as your yogurt and berries are. But it's also a dish my kid can put together entirely on his own, and experiment a little with plating artistically. So points for that.

(Don't tell Williams-Sonoma, but we found that my highball glasses are just about the perfect size for a yogurt parfait.)

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1st August 2018

Biscuit-Wrapped Hot Dogs : page 52

It's "pigs in a blanket"; there's not much to it. But heck, it was fast and let me cook with my kid. (His review was that he'd rather figure out how to do corn dogs at home.)

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1st August 2018

Sauteed Bananas with Yogurt and Honey : page 111

Dead simple, but a pretty pleasant summer dessert. I might do a large chop instead of a slice next time; as the bananas cook they can become a little chewy (especially if they're not perfectly ripe yet).

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