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About me: I have always liked to cook, particularly breads, fruits, vegetables, vegetarian, poultry and lamb dishes. After marriage we cooked together progressively more difficult dishes with him doing the meat, grilling and frying, and I did the "dough" and the same type of things I had before. After children we started cooking more simply. After discovering the cause of my frequent migraines was an evolving long list of chemicals and odd ingredients, I began getting back to cooking from basic ingredients, and found I could be well again. I also try to cooking from what I can get in season at the ever present fruit and vegetable stands.

Favorite cookbook: America's Test Kitchen / Cooks Illustrated Books

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May 20th, 2020

Manchester Stew from Skinny Instant Pot & Slow Cooker Cookbook

I switched up the vegetables and canned beans to reflect what I had on hand. It was my very first use of the Insta pot and I was skeptical of the 3 minute cooking time since I had increased the amounts... read more >

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25th November 2011

Garlicky Cranberry Chutney

This recipe is made using canned whole berry cranberry sauce. You cook ginger silvers in apple cider vinegar, sugar and spices. One year I dumped them all in together by accident and the cranberries loose their identity. This year I doubled the recipe. I like making my cranberries ahead. Even people who don’t like cranberries can’t resist this. I found this recipe through NPR, but it is a Madhur Jaffrey recipe. It is great in turkey sandwiches, wraps, and panini.

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This easy to make and startling pink recipe needs a little planning as you don’t want serve it completely thawed at room temperature in a puddle or completely frozen as a block of ice. The horseradish and onion nicely complements the sugar, sour cream and cranberries. It is pretty quick to grind up and throw in the freezer, and is great to make up well in advance. If you have to travel to your Thanksgiving dinner, it is usually in perfect shape to serve after sitting in the cooler for several hours. I like serving more than one type of cranberries and this is a real conversation starter. It is also scrumptious if a little messy in sandwiches.

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