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November 21st, 2012

Red and Green Christmas Salad from The Silver Palate Good Times Cookbook

This festive salad is perfect during the holiday season. It is light, has surprising flavor combinations, and is always a hit at my table. My family always requests it, like I'm not going to make it... read more >

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As Easy As Pie

By Susan Gold Purdy
Collier Books - 1990

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The Moosewood Cookbook

By Mollie Katzen
Ten Speed Press - 1977

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The Pat Conroy Cookbook: Recipes and Stories of My Life

By Pat Conroy
Nan A. Talese - 2009

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The Silver Palate Good Times Cookbook

By Julee Rosso, Sheila Lukins, Sarah Leah Chase
Workman Publishing Company - 1985

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