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About me: I collect cookbooks and love to cook and try new recipes. I tested recipes for Leite's Culinaria for almost eight years. I learned to cook from many good southern cooks including my Mom, Dad, several Aunts and my Grandmothers. My children and husband also like to cook and try new foods and recipes. My son still lives with us but our daughter is married. She often visits to cook with me. We are adventuresome eaters willing to try new things.

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November 19th, 2018

Bourbon Roasted Pork Loin from Everyday Dorie: The Way I Cook

This was delicious. I know she says in the book not to use the good bourbon but all I had was Woodford Reserve so that's what I used. I marinated for about 8 hours in fridge. Loved the apples and onions... read more >

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Barefoot Contessa at Home: Everyday Recipes You'll Make Over and Over Again

By Ina Garten
Clarkson Potter - 2006

28th August 2010

Beatty's Chocolate Cake : page 165

A delicious chocolate cake. Great with the frosting on page 167. I love the flavor that coffee gives to this cake and a good cup along side is great also.

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28th August 2010

Chocolate Frosting : page 167

This frosting is perfect for the cake on page 165. Delicious and chocolaty!

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29th August 2010

Fresh Peach Bellinis : page 237

None of us really cared for these. I won't be making them again.

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28th August 2010

Mustard-Roasted Potatoes : page 153

Son, hubby and I loved this simple but delicious side dish. Great way to spice up potatoes. Daughter thought they were a bit sweet tasting to her.

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28th August 2010

Summer Garden Pasta : page 121

We made this with some homegrown tomatoes and the flavor was out of this world. I will make again.

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28th August 2010

Tomato, Mozzarella, and Pesto Panini : page 51

Loved the flavors here. Tomato, basil and mozzarella.... how can you go wrong? We don't have a panini press but it worked great in our grill machine.

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