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Veal with Braised Pears, Roquefort and Sage / Kalbssteak mit geschmorten Birnen, Roquefort und Salbei reviewed by friederike from October, 2009

4th March 2012

Very delicious, but the title isn't correct. Instead it should be something like 'Braised Veal with Roquefort, Sage and Fried Pears'. We didn't use veal but pork, and that probably was for the better. The meat was already slightly dry - veal would have...
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Raw Potato Dumplings / Rohe Kartoffelklöße reviewed by friederike from 121 Herzhafte Klassiker, 2011

12th November 2011

When I was a kid, hardly anything was made using a packet of instant food; in fact, potato dumplings may have been the only dish at all where this actually happened, and I now understand why: 1., it's quite a lot of work, 2., they didn't even turn out...
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Beef Rouladen / Rinderrouladen reviewed by friederike from 121 Herzhafte Klassiker, 2011

12th November 2011

Quite a lot of work, and while I think you can make something nice, the recipe instructions were pretty wrong. In fact, we nearly hadn't made these as we couldn't imagine that tender meat such as a steak should be braised for 2 hours - that just wouldn't...
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Bacon-wrapped Pears with a Celeriac and Lamb's Lettuce Salad / Birnen im Speckmantel mit Sellerie- und Feldsalat reviewed by friederike from October, 2009

1st October 2011

It was slightly remiscent of a Waldorf salad, with the grated celeriac, the nuts and the apples/pears in it; however, to use an old frase, it didn't quite come together as a dish. DB complained that the bacon was too salty in comparison to the rest (which...
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