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Essen & Trinken

Issue 3 - , 2011

Beef Rouladen / Rinderrouladen

Page 47

Cuisine: German/Austrian/Swiss | Course Type: Main Courses

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Tags: braise autumn winter beef traditional rouladen braised beef

Recipe Reviews

12th November 2011

friederike from Berlin,

Quite a lot of work, and while I think you can make something nice, the recipe instructions were pretty wrong. In fact, we nearly hadn't made these as we couldn't imagine that tender meat such as a steak should be braised for 2 hours - that just wouldn't work. In the end, and after much consultation with various female family members, we decided to reduced that time to one hour, and yet that still too much. We will very likely try this again and cook it no longer than half an hour, possibly even less.

Tastewise, it was very nice! As I mentioned before, it was quite a lot of work, though, and I think it might be worth to cut a few steps and ingredients, while retaining a lot of the flavour.

We served it with Potato Dumplings and Red Cabbage with Apples and Red Wine, a very classic combination.

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