Not Your Mother's Casseroles
By Faith Durand
Harvard Common Press - 2011
ISBN: 1558324844

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Not Your Mother's Casseroles

German apple pancake

Page 18

Cuisine: German/Austrian/Swiss | Course Type: Breakfast/Brunch

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Recipe Reviews

22nd February 2011

Queezle_Sister from Salt Lake City, UT

Best day ever, that it what you will be saying as soon as you try one bit of this pancake, you will also be saying this is the best food I have ever tried. This was cooked in the oven as one big pancake. The apples are first cooked in the pan, in butter and brown sugar, and the batter is layered on top. For us, the apples floated to the top when cooking. We are still not sure if that is what it was supposed to do, but it still tasted great. It didn't puff up as much as we expected, or as suggested in the recipe, again that was OK. We only had two problems with this recipe: one. There was not enough. Two. we added the vanilla and milk mixture to the eggs before the flour mixture and we are not quite sure it that affected it in any way because it said to add the flour mixture than the vanilla mixture.

The above was written by a 12 year old cook (and eater), clearly this sweet breakfast was greatly enjoyed. We will definitely be making this again.

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