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salted brown butter crispy treats


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22nd June 2011


These crispy treats are delicious. I think the browned butter and salt add a subtle enhancement to the flavor. Those consuming them, if they weren't in on the secret, might not be able to identify what is different, but they will certainly find them yummy.

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9th May 2011

ladotyk from Lakewood, CO

You will never make the box recipe again. The nutty brown butter, the subtle saltiness will make you reach for square after square until you are quarreling with your friends over the last bite (which you will magnanimously split).

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16th April 2011


I made these using cornflakes instead of rice cereal and a little green food coloring to make greenery for my son's dinosaur-themed birthday cake. Divine! I haven't actually made them with the rice cereal, but I'm sure they're just as delicious.

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6th March 2011

Queezle_Sister from Salt Lake City, UT

These are sinfully good. The rice crispy treat of your childhood pumped up to adult tastes.

I've had bad luck browning butter in the past, and so this time I was vigilant. The slightly nutty flavor, and the bursts of salt make these just sublime. Even if my sister suggests that doubling the butter might get me in trouble with my doctor, this recipe is worth the splurge.

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