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Union Square Cafe's Bar Nuts reviewed by jenncc

18th February 2019

These are tasty and the perfect accompaniment to cocktails, cheese or even eaten on there own. I made this using pecans.
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Zucchini Tomato and Rice Gratin reviewed by Kestrel

19th September 2018

This recipe is easy but I found it labour intensive. After oven-roasting vegetables, cooking grains, grating cheese, and sautéing onions and garlic, it then comes together quickly and is baked in the oven. If I make this again I would make some of the...
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Double Chocolate Banana Bread reviewed by friederike

25th August 2018

In terms of chocolate, this cake is serious business. Such a load of chocolate (meant in a good way!)! The banana pales a bit in comparison, but is still there, subtler than in a normal banana bread. Nice texture, too. I weighed and measured my bananas....
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Blondies, infinitely adaptable reviewed by Kestrel

14th April 2018

These were super easy to make and were very good. I browned the butter and added 3/4 cup of chocolate chips which seemed like enough to me. I also made gluten free using 1 to 1 flour and some sorghum and rice flour (I ran out of the 1 to 1 and made up...
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