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11th January 2018


This is a snap to make and can be very good, depending on the chocolate used and the amount of sugar. Be sure to read the notes that precede the recipe. For me, semi sweet chocolate and 1/2 cup sugar is just a bit too sweet, although the kids liked it. Grated orange zest is a nice addition. I found the instructions accurate as to timing. Serving size is huge; a half recipe gives 6 small servings, which is fine since it's pretty rich with all that chocolate. A definite repeat.

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26th April 2011

kfranzetta from San Francisco, CA

This pudding is delicious and relatively simple to make. I have found that it takes much longer for the pudding to thicken than the recipe suggests--closer to 45-60 minutes. It's worth it, though! It's creamy and so chocolatey!

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