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16th May 2011

Queezle_Sister from Salt Lake City, UT

I love the way this this blog make me feel as if Deb is one of my closest friends. I enjoy the banter and background -- its just the right amount. I enjoy looking around for the link to see the picture of her son, and about how her and her husband's food choices drive what she makes (and doesn't make).

And the recipes -- they are divine. The cookbooker challenge led me to explore many more than I would have. So many categories - soups, breads, breakfasts, fruits, etc. And so many unexpectedly great combinations (roasted carrots and avocados - I'm thinking about you).

My only complaint is that I wish her dishes had less butter, and were a bit more calorie conscious. But perhaps if you are smitten, the sky is the limit.


17th April 2011

Barbara from Amsterdam,

SmittenKitchen has been my go-to blog since I discovered it 3 or 4 years ago. Whenever I'm looking for a new recipe, I start browsing there. She doesn't like fish and loves to bake, so that is reflected in her cooking.

I think the name of her blog originated when she was blogging about her dating life (wanting to be love-smitten?), but after she met her guy, she moved into food blogging. Now she's married with a cute kid, has left her employed job to freelance as cookery writer and blogger, and has a huge following.

The major appeal are the excellent recipes and beautiful photos, but she is also chatty, funny, and down-to-earth. This is not chefy food but truly excellent home cooking. And because you also get glimpses of her life in New York, for those of us that have never been there and live in different countries, it's like having a good friend there and experiencing it vicariously.


31st October 2010

aj12754 from Montclair, NJ

Love this website -- beautifully written and great photos. But neither would matter much if Deb didn't also have an uncanny gift for picking recipes people want to make and eat -- even if they didn't know that before they clicked on her site. On more than one occasion, I've checked in to see what she is doing and then grabbed the keys and headed to the grocery store to get what I need to make the recipe that day.

Would love a "Smitten Kitchen" challenge.


27th April 2010

JustLaura from , CO

I have been reading Smitten Kitchen for a year or more now and there is a good reason why Deb receives the praise that she does. A wonderful website with great recipes and wonderful pictures. AND she makes all of her recipes in her little tiny NYC kitchen. I'm always impressed what she can do!

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4th April 2010

kathrynlynnlee from Taipei, ROC

Hands down my favorite cooking blog! Not only are the recipes well-tested and thorough, but the photos are so beautiful that I often get hungry just looking at them. Deb always writes clear instructions and adds helpful tips so that your finished product comes out looking (and tasting) just as it should.


23rd March 2010

wester from Soesterberg, Utr

There is no other website that makes me go "yes! I'll make this tonight!" as often as this one. And when I do just that, I am usually very happy I did.

The recipes are always well-tested and she'll tell you what details to watch especially, or give suggestions for variations. And there is always a personal story with it as well. It's like having your best friend who happens to be a great cook in the kitchen with you.

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