Simple Chinese Cooking
By Kylie Kwong
Michael Joseph Ltd - 2006
ISBN: 0718149521

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Simple Chinese Cooking
By Kylie Kwong
Studio - 2007
ISBN: 0670038482

Simple Chinese Cooking

Steamed Fish Fillets with Ginger and Spring Onions

Page 108

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Tags: fish lean fish chinese cod supermarket fish chinese cooking steaming light meal

Recipe Reviews

13th December 2012

friederike from Berlin,

Hard to rate. I really liked it the first time we had it, and DH did not; the second time it was just the other way around. I think a few things are tricky in this recipe:

1. Timing. That fish needs to be just done; not raw, not overdone. I thought it was fine the first time, while DH thought it was overdone, while the second time... well, you get the idea... Additionally, the cabbage leaves (which go really well with the fish, by the way) need a slightly longer cooking time. It's probably best to add them after the fish has steamed for about two minutes, not five.

2. Sauce. You'll add quite a lot of liquid to the fish in which it'll steam/braise. Then you add a tiny amount of cold, strong flavourings (mainly soy sauce), and then a very little heated oil - it's hard to get that right, and you can probably see why. Moreover, the result is pretty thin and liquid - I would suggest adding less water as a braising liquid, though that might have an effect on how well the fish is cooked.

We served this with Stir-Fried Chinese Cabbage with Oyster Sauce, which was an excellent combination, both flavour-wise as in terms of finishing that head of Chinese cabbage.

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