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Simple Chinese Cooking

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Soy-Dipped Radish Salad reviewed by friederike

18th July 2013

A nice idea, but slightly too salty for my liking. I think I'll give it another try, but will skip draining the radishes using salt and sugar. I also noticed too late that apparently you should use large radishes - I had two bunches of small, cherry-size...
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Chilled Cucumber Salad reviewed by friederike

18th July 2013

Okay, but too much garlic to be really nice. Comparable to this cucumber salad, though not as nice. Served with Soy-Dipped Radish Salad and Coconut Chicken Drum Sticks.
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Pork Fried Rice reviewed by friederike

4th January 2013

Mum's Fried Rice is so much better! I really enjoyed that dish because it had so many flavours - soy sauce, ginger, garlic, shaoxing, spring onion... in this dish, in contract, you could mainly taste the salty soy sauce, and that was about it. The pork...
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Steamed Fish Fillets with Ginger and Spring Onions reviewed by friederike

13th December 2012

Hard to rate. I really liked it the first time we had it, and DH did not; the second time it was just the other way around. I think a few things are tricky in this recipe: 1. Timing. That fish needs to be just done; not raw, not overdone. I thought it...
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