Simple Chinese Cooking
By Kylie Kwong
Michael Joseph Ltd - 2006
ISBN: 0718149521

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Simple Chinese Cooking
By Kylie Kwong
Studio - 2007
ISBN: 0670038482

Simple Chinese Cooking

King Prawn Toasts

Page 122

Cuisine: Chinese | Course Type: Appetizers

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Tags: appetizer deep-fry prawn chinese cooking

Recipe Reviews

31st January 2011

friederike from Berlin,

Very, very delicious. If you get it right, it's crunchy and full of flavour. One of the tricks is that in order to be able to lower the toasts into the pan without losing the prawns, you need to use silicon tongs instead of wooden spatulas.

The other trick is to keep the oil at the right temperature - too hot and the toast will burn instantly, too cold and it'll absorb a lot of oil.

Last, it is really important to restrain yourself from eating too many of them (or, worse, not serving anything else so that you are forced to eat too many King Prawn Toasts) - although we did well on controlling the temperature of the oil, they did taste quite heavy. This is quite alright if you only have a few bites, e.g. 1/2 - 1 toasts per person. Kylie Kwong reckons 3 toasts per person - enough to make you feel like a bottle of oil on two legs.

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