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Rigatoni with Eggplant Puree


Cuisine: North American | Course Type: Main Courses

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14th June 2011

Queezle_Sister from Salt Lake City, UT

This dish was more than just delicious. The substance of the pasta sauce comes from vegetables (eggplant and cherry tomatoes) roasted with garlic, olive oil and spices. I substituted smoked paprika for red pepper flakes. But the surprise was that the roasted vegetables were processed with fresh mint. This gave an amazing flavor. Had I not made it, I would have been hard pressed to guess the ingredients. The mint was there, but not distracting or overwhelming.

A few notes - I couldn't bring myself to process all of the beautiful vegetables, so my final sauce was half processed and half the regular chunks. I also used only about 1/2 C of pasta water. And I did add about 1 T balsamic vinegar at the end.

This recipe does suffer from the "one medium eggplant" and "pint of cherry tomatoes" vagueness. I used two small eggplants. weighting about 14 ounces together, or 400 grams. After they were cut to 1 inch chunks (maybe closer to 3/4 inch for me), I eyeballed an equal amount of cherry tomatoes (probably about 16 ounces).

We used baby wagon wheel pasta instead of rigatoni. Also I substituted toasted walnut for the pine nuts.

My two non-eggplant lovers rated this "4" and they were overruled by the girls, who love eggplant, and even more, loved this this dish.

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Leeka - 14th June 2011
Oh wow, I'm a huge lover of eggplant so I'm going to give this recipe a try. I also have a ton of mint growing wild in my backyard that I have no idea what to do with. I don't use fresh mint in a lot of recipes so I look forward to testing this out. Your photo is fantastic!

Great review!


Queezle_Sister - 14th June 2011
Thanks, Leeka. I thought we had enough for 2 dinners, but as the evening progressed, my kids (12 and 15) ate all the leftovers - it really is that good!.


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