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Couscous and Other Good Food from Morocco

Preserved Lemons

Page 30

Cuisine: Moroccan/Algerian/Tunisian | Course Type: Other

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17th July 2011


I've never seen or knowingly had preserved lemons, so I can't really say how good these are in comparison to the "real thing". However, they seem perfectly fine to me. As I was a rank beginner at this, the instructions were a bit skimpy--I was wanting my hand held a bit more. My lemons kept floating to the top, so they weren't completely submerged in lemon juice. In the end, I found in another book (North African Cooking by Hilaire Walden) an almost identical recipe that said to top up the liquid with boiling water if required.

I used the option for the Safi mixture (a similar mixture is given by Walden).

Quite easy to do, and now I'm enjoying finding and making recipes using the preserved lemons.

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