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Couscous and Other Good Food from Morocco

Recent Reviews

Carrot Salad reviewed by kaye16

22nd May 2013

For minimal effort here, a really tasty carrot salad. A bit more taste than a simple vinaigrette. Could be used with most meals where carrots would be a nice addition.
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Meatball Tagine with Spices and Lemon (Tagine Kefta Emshmel) reviewed by Peckish Sister

14th March 2012

I used the ground lamb option for these relatively quick and delicious meatballs in a savory sauce. However the contrast between these hard meatballs and the oh-so tender Ukrainian horseradish stuffed pork-beef meatballs I had cooked a month or so earlier...
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Beef Tagine with Cauliflower reviewed by Peckish Sister

11th March 2012

I made this delightfully savory tagine with beef stew meat. I used one head of cauliflower and did not weigh the cauliflowerets, so I made have been a little short there. I did the final baking step in individual casseroles as everyone ate at different...
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Omar's Couscous reviewed by Peckish Sister

10th March 2012

I was most interesting in learning the proper way of preparing couscous. So instead of investing in a tagine, I bought a largish pot with a top steamer for vegetables. This recipe is a lot of cooking of different components. Don’t try this without assistance!...
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