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Preserve: Over 100 Delicious Recipes (Cookery)

Blueberries in Kirsch

Page 92

| Course Type: Jams/Preserves

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Tags: drinks blueberries liqueur preserve

Recipe Reviews

14th September 2013

friederike from Berlin,

Very delicious, though quite heavy on the alcohol. We had expected that the blueberries would soften, but they didn't, on the contrary: they actually turned hard! Not a big deal, though I would have preferred them to be soft.

I'm a bit at a loss what to do with the blueberries and the kirsch. So far we had the blueberries over ice cream, but the kirsch is too thin to use as a sauce. To be able to drink the kirsch, you should eat the blueberries first, as they might spoil otherwise.

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